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離散者  Disapora


This work, Diaspora, uses 3D scan to store the landscape of the traditional market, Wanhua Sanshui Street, in Taipei. With the decline of the public open market established during the Japanese Occupation Period, a number of shops have been created and developed around this historical area through a long period of time. I use the scattering and blurring form to represent this traditional market and its shops surrounding this area and then combine with the virtual reality system to demonstrate each scenery that is reminiscing the morning open market in the old time. This immersive virtual reality can lead viewers to re-generate their own sensorial experiences by interfacing with the imagery of the existing old market reflecting the traces of history as well as the fragmenting spaces that are created deliberately to reproduce the cultural diaspora. This work not only embodies but also reflects the discrete diaspora that materializes in the same space but in different time dimensions.

離散者 Disapora: Photo Gallery
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