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巡者  Drift


This artwork documents Wanhua’s largest religious festival of year from day to night. It is “Night Patrol of the Qingshan King” which lasts three days. The video was taken from high-altitude and intensify the geographical landscape, creating the peeping eyes of the protagonist in Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, staring athe remains of a seaside port culture. A “continued space” is shown to the audience when images of four seemingly parallel streets are rotated and collaged. Through a fifth screen, a religious parade team shows up, patrolling through the streets. The “Night Patrol of the Qingshan King” is more than a lineal combination of humanistic images of religious activities, sex workers, illegal street stands, and tourists and travelers; it goes from societal to individual, reflecting a “vagabond” state of the old town, where culture falls into pieces.

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