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游離者  Shift

本作品《游離者》透過光軌掃描概念,將街道裡移動人物封存,緩緩檢視街道中的流動映像,並刻意凝結秩序外的游離狀態。以社會意識而聚焦個體,濃縮地理圖景,提出對於「SHIFT/游離者」之現實處境,猶如魯西迪(Salman Rushdie)在《想像的故土》(Imaginary Homelands)所說,失去自己的身分地位、近乎一種飄盪的行為,既是飄泊,也是陌生接觸,這一切反映著當代社會中的游離者經驗。

Shift visualizes the concept of scanning light trail to seal the moving figures and objects in streets, slowly examining the flowing image in the city and intentionally capturing the shifting state unconfined by order. Focusing on individuals through the lens of social consciousness while condensing geographic images, the work provides a glimpse into the reality of those in the shifting state. As Salman Rushdie has stated in Imaginary Homelands, it is the loss of identity and status, a drifting behavior as well as a strange contact, which reflects the shifting experience in contemporary society.

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