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流動的街區II  On Fluid Street II

作品長期觀察自身居所-萬華老舊街區,其潛藏著過去碼頭文化所遺留之痕跡。以抽離的角度濃縮地理圖景,凝視市井的繁華意象,藉相對的時序結構使目擊並映射現實生活被捲入一場無法抗拒的、流動狀態般的舊城場域。在此,地方性在時間上的可能性,不再是拓樸摸索,而是逆反地創造出屬於當下的「後地方」,亦如齊格蒙.包曼提出「流動的現代性」(Liquid modernity),流動取代了秩序性,雜亂街區的背後,也指涉了社會認知下的場域移轉。

Concentrating the geographical landscape from a vision angle of separation, gazing at the prosperous image of the city, and through the use of comparative chronological structures, the witnessed and reflected of real life is involved in an irresistible, flowing state of old town area. While the order is replaced by the flow, it also indicates the field transfer under social cognition, which takes place behind the messy street blocks.

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